Ushers/Nurses Ministry

Senior Ushers assists the Pastor with Christ-like hospitality in providing order and logistical direction for all activities being sponsored by our church. This includes events before, during, and after scheduled worship or meetings. Our Ushers participate in our local and state usher events. Ushers/Nurses anniversary is the third Sunday in October. Junior Usher under the guidance of the Senior Usher greets and seat members and visitors to our worship services. They participate in our local and state usher events. Nurses a group of dedicated medical professionals who provide first aid and emergency medical supports for persons in need while in service at the church.


This ministry consists of a group of designated drivers who volunteer to provide transportation to and from the Friendship Baptist Church for Services, Sunday School and Special Services.

Pastor’s Aid Ministry

This ministry serves as a spiritual, financial and emotional support system to the pastor and his family on behalf of the church membership. The desire is to be a source of strength and encouragement by relieving some of the burdens that confront the Pastor and his family. This committee recognizes and assists the church to celebrate the important days in his and his family’s life (Pastoral anniversary, wedding, birthdays, etc.).

Media Ministry

The Media Ministry provides visual and audio presentations and recordings for all worship services and church sponsored events, as well as audio set up for offsite events. They oversee all publicity, photography assist with special program booklets, and power point presentations. They are responsible for the updates of church Website, and the appropriate use of church logo and its image in all communication/media materials. Upon request the group will provide CD’s And DVD’s of recorded services for a small fee.

Hospitality Ministry

The Hospitality Ministry welcomes guest to our church. Everyone who walks through our doors, from first-time guest, to long time members, are special to us. This ministry connects people to people. They provide guests with information about the church, leadership, and worship service. They encourage and care for our guests and members so they feel at home in the House of the Lord.

Culinary Ministry

The Culinary Ministry focuses on assisting in the coordination of food related activities that support the spiritual and physical needs of the congregation. They provide a light breakfast on Sunday mornings after Sunday School. They also support and assist in food preparation for various church functions. The Culinary Ministry works with Trustee ministry to purchase, update and maintain kitchen items.

Floral Club

The Floral Club provides floral adornments in the church edifice and or send floral arrangements to Saints when celebrating or when in despair.